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Meet the Families Fighting for Fairness for Injured Patients

In 1975, the California legislature limited the legal rights of patients and their families who are harmed or killed by medical negligence. Nearly 50 years later, that cap on compensation has never been adjusted for inflation. It is worth less than $50,000 today, and denies injured patients and their families justice. Californians can change this cap by voting for the Fairness For Injured Patients Act on the November 2022 ballot.


Click on the images below to explore the stories of injured patients and advocates who are fighting for change.  

Steven Olsen

Kira Johnson

Mia Moreno

Demi Dominguez

Lloyd Monserratt

Alex Smick

Shilpa Airy

Jordan Perez

Malakhi De Leon

Annette Ramirez

Shawn E. Washington II

Richard Johnson

Theresa Ginn

Mike Bradley

Nora Bostrom

Mario Guzman

Sabrina De La Rosa

Anayeli Alvarez

Naya Manalo

Jose Figueroa Jr.

Patricia McMillan

Adam Glover

Don Stegman

Kimberly Turbin

Lena Wilson

Holly Harris


Robert Downey

Tina Minasian

Suzan Shinazy

Jennifer Ha

Lorraine Cano

Charles Senior

Tom McLennan

Misty Parker

Elizabeth Brown

Troy and Alana Pack

Nina Hebert

Alicia Cole

Mia Chavez

Coletta Precely-Garcia

Angelica Chisolm

Sally Hunter

Daniela Zelig

Leah Coufal

Joe Allen

Shawn Rial

Debra Watkins

Dr. Keith Blair

Rowan Gibbs

Brittany Wilkinson

Angel Villalobos


Katy Williams

Anthony Fossett

Jessie Geyer

Malyia Jeffers

Aspen Adams

Shelly Gerrans

Anonymous J

Anonymous T

Anonymous S

Anonymous R

Patricia McMillan

A state law that hasn’t changed since 1975 caps compensation for families harmed by medical negligence. The limits apply to lost quality of life, even if a patient loses a leg, a child, or is disabled for life.

Click on the picture of the map to find patients by the State Senate Districts they live in.