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Meet the California Families

Click on any of the California regions below to explore the stories of patients who have been harmed by medical negligence, and meet the families of those who have been lost. They are fighting to restore patients’ rights and update the nearly 50-year-old law that denies injured patients justice.

Theresa Ginn

Theresa’s doctor told her not to worry about the tumors found in her brain, that they would not grow. By a check-up six months later, they had spread throughout her body.

Robert Downey

Robert loses his hands and feet after doctors dismiss his concerns about contracting MRSA from his son.

Tina Minasian

Errors by a surgeon with a concealed history of alcohol abuse leave Tina permanently scarred with a pernicious infection.

Tom McLennan

Tom’s simple toe fracture turns into a serious medical issue after an unnecessary experimental surgery.

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth dies by suicide after being denied intensive mental healthcare by her HMO.

Malyia Jeffers

Little Malyia waited in the ER lobby for hours with a rapidly spreading infection, resulting in the amputation of her legs and parts of her hands.

Shelly Gerrans

A medical device is left in Shelly’s abdomen during a routine hysterectomy. She becomes paralyzed and the resulting medical costs force her family into bankruptcy.

Shilpa Airy

An error during an endoscopy caused entrepreneur and research scientist Shilpa to aspirate while under anesthesia, leading to lung failure and a 12-day coma.

Mike Bradley

While recovering from surgery, the non-regulation placement of a feeding tube leads to Mike’s death.

Nora Bostrom

Little Nora dies of infection after a series of medical errors: a 9 hour wait with no evaluation, inadequate equipment sterilization and a failure to maintain IV fluids.

Mario Guzman

A marathoner, Mario loses parts of all four limbs after his spesis infection is negligently misdiagnosed.


A botched cosmetic procedure traumatizes Cynthia, leaving her with infection and dangerous scarring.

Jennifer Ha

Jennifer, a mother of thirteen, dies at the hands of a surgeon with a buried criminal record.

Troy and Alana Pack

Father seeks justice for his children, Troy and Alana, after reckless opioid overprescribing at Kaiser leads to their deaths.

Angelica Chisolm

Angelica’s IV was inserted incorrectly, causing a fatal infection. Now her husband is fighting for injured patients across California.

Anthony Fossett

Young musician, Anthony went into open heart surgery. After incorrectly placing a valve, doctors refuse to perform corrective surgery, resulting in the young man’s death.

Jessie Geyer

The failure to administer a life-saving antibiotic meant the death of 7-year-old Jessie.

Anonymous S

Instead of emergency medication for a pulmonary embolism, S. was given a cardiac stress test that led to his death.

Naya Manalo

Infant Naya dies on life support after post-birth protocol is neglected and medical providers downplay her parents’ concern.

Adam Glover

When 12-year-old Adam has his appendix removed, signs that something else is wrong go ignored, resulting in his death.

Don Stegman

A doctor’s failure to address psychiatric side effects of medication leads to the death of cancer survivor, Don.

      Demi Dominguez

      Demi experiences common symptoms of the pregnancy complication eclampsia, but her concerns are dismissed by medical providers. Discharged from the hospital, Demi dies from a seizure at home.

      Malakhi De Leon

      Malakhi lived just 19 hours after medical negligence caused his, and this mother’s, deaths.

      Shawn E. Washington II

      Shawn dies a preventable death due to undiagnosed pneumonia after 7-hour wait in the emergency room.

      Richard Johnson

      Richard was a brain cancer survivor. When a mild case of pneumonia put him back in the hospital, his doctor witheld treatment without informing his family. He let him die.

      Sabrina De La Rosa

      Sabrina enters the hospital excited for the birth of her fourth child. She passes away after complications that could have been addressed had her absentee doctor with a hidden history of negligence properly addressed her concerns.

      Anayeli Alvarez

      Anayeli will never walk or care for herself after her mother’s pregnancy complications were ignored. A law that hasn’t changed since 1975 means families whose child suffers lifelong harm cannot get justice. Her mother is fighting for change.

      Suzan Shinazy

      Suzan’s lungs were permanently damaged during a surgery that should not have affected her lungs. Now she is fighting for injured patients across California.

      Misty Parker

      Misty needed emergency surgery to save her life after her doctor botched a procedure he was barred from performing for harming other women.

      Nina Hebert

      Nina’s seizures are dismissed and left untreated for hours, putting her at risk of fatal internal bleeding and causing post-traumatic stress.

      Brittany Wilkinson

      Surgeon negligently causes a pressure buildup in Brittany’s brain that leads to her painful passing.


      Celeste’s normal delivery turns into a nightmare when her doctor forcibly removes her placenta without medication and perforates her uterus. He ignores her declining vital signs as she bleeds to death.

      Katy Williams

      19-year-old Katy takes herself to the emergency room for symptoms of the flu and is told to take Tylenol. A day later, she returns to the hospital in a near diabetic coma, and her heart stops.

      Aspen Adams

      Baby Aspen undergoes a successful surgery to have a tumor removed, but receives a lethal dose of anesthesia, resulting in her death.

          Alex Smick

          Young Alex sought emergency care after taking too many prescribed painkillers, but was given a deadly overdose of medications in the hospital.

          Jordan Perez

          Three years of misdiagnosis and multiple hospital errors lead to the death of 17-year-old Jordan.

          Joe Allen

          Veteran Joe Allen’s outpatient surgery changes his life forever when providers fail to give crucial post-operative care.

              Kira Johnson

              Kira lost her life when her family’s pleas for help after a routine C-section were ignored. A law that hasn’t changed since 1975 means families who lose a mother in childbirth cannot get justice. Her family is fighting to change that.

              Lloyd Monserratt

              Lloyd, a beloved political leader and fiancé, loses his life after a surgical mistake leading to infection and signs of sepsis are ignored by his medical providers.

              Annette Ramirez

              Medical negligence during a simple hysterectomy cost Annette all four of her limbs.

              Jose Figueroa Jr.

              Jose lost his life when his mother’s pleas to stop MRI’s that were burning her son’s body were ignored. A law that hasn’t changed since 1975 means families that lose a child cannot get justice. His family is fighting to change that.

              Kimberly Turbin

              While giving birth to her son, Kimberly received a forced and unconsented episiotomy, causing a preventable life–long injury and post-traumatic stress.

              Charles Senior

              Charles’ allergic reaction to medication was dismissed and he was pumped with medication until he lost consciousness.

              Alicia Cole

              Alicia goes in for abdominal surgery and contracts a flesh eating disease, exacerbated by a doctor with a record of negligence and a hospital with a history of poor sterilization practices.

              Mia Chavez

              During a whooping cough epidemic, doctors fail to run tests that would have uncovered the illness leading to infant Mia’s death.

              Coletta Precely-Garcia

              An unavailable doctor and dismissed concerns meant the loss of Coletta after a routine surgery.

              Sally Hunter

              Sally was forced through a series of painful procedures after the actions of a negligent doctor. Her husband, a medical malpractice defense attorney, knew the law was stacked against them.

              Daniela Zelig

              When a rushed examination leads to the misdiagnosis of the flu, young Daniela’s pneumonia goes untreated, leading to her death.

              Leah Coufal

              A routine surgery turns into a tragedy after doctors overprescribe opioids and fail to monitor 11-year-old Leah.

              Angel Villalobos

              Little Angel’s botched heart surgery leads to permanent brain damage

              Anonymous J

              J.’s doctor failed to notify her of a critical vaccine she would need after spleen removal. She contracted a preventable infection and now lives with chronic pain.

              Anonymous T

              T. underwent successful surgery but her doctor forgot to reverse the anesthesia before removing her breathing tube. She lost oxygen to the brain and never regained consciousness.

              Anonymous R

              R.’s glaring symptoms of pneumonia were brushed off until it was too late.

                  Steven Olsen

                  After being denied an $800 CAT scan by doctor, young Steven is blinded and brain damaged.

                  Patricia McMillan

                  Insufficient preventative and post-operative care lead to a severe staph infection in Patricia’s eye, causing permanent blindness.

                  Lena Wilson

                  Lena developed a severe infection after a routine procedure in the hospital. Her doctor put off surgical intervention for over two weeks, leading to months of needless suffering and her eventual death.

                  Holly Harris

                  Holly’s surgeon cut through a critical vein carrying blood to her heart and sutured it closed, leaving her permanently blind and damaging her heart and lungs.

                  Lorraine Cano

                  Lorraine lost her life after a botched elective heart procedure. A law that hasn’t changed since 1975 means there is no accountability when an elderly person is killed by medical negligence. Her daughter is fighting to change that.

                  Shawn Rial

                  After a failure to run a blood test during chemotherapy, 20-year-old Shawn dies of an infection, his immune system too weak to fight it.

                  Debra Watkins

                  Debra’s surgeon failed to secure her on the operating table, allowing her to fall mid-surgery. Then, he botched a non-emergency procedure performed without her consent. She lives with chronic illness due to her injuries.

                  Dr. Keith Blair

                  After retired Dr. Keith Blair was admitted to a hospital for back pain, he was misdiagnosed and given a cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs that led to his rapid decline and death.

                  Rowan Gibbs

                  Concerns over the risk of sudden death when using general anesthesia for Williams Syndrome patients were ignored. Once anesthesia was administered, two-year-old Rowan’s heart stopped.

                  Patricia McMillan

                  Insufficient preventative and post-operative care lead to a severe staph infection in Patricia’s eye, causing permanent blindness.

                      A state law that hasn’t changed since 1975 caps compensation for families harmed by medical negligence. The limits apply to lost quality of life, even if a patient loses a leg, a child, or is disabled for life. Click on the picture of the map to find patients by the State Senate Districts they live in.

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